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20 February 2010 Fundraising to scan issues past 100
Hi everyone! One of the most frequently asked questions that I receive is with regards to the availability of full scans of issues past 100. There are essentially two main reasons why these are not on the site:
  • All issues past 100 have a glued binding. There is really no way to properly scan these issues without taking apart the binding, and therefore damaging the magazines in the process. I only have one of every issue, and I'm not ready to cut them up.
  • Page counts go through the roof. Few issues have less than 200 pages, some have up to 500 pages! Most issues from 1-100 had between 60-80 pages. There's a very significant amount of work involved to scan so many pages, and it's just not realistic to do so with my old flatbed scanner
But...! There is hope. Late last year, I was contacted by someone looking to donate his set of magazines, for the cost of shipping. These happen to cover most issues between 100 and 200. This solves problem #1.

Also late last year, a friend of mine showed me the capabilities of the Fujitsu ScanSnap, essentially an automatic page scanner which is the perfect solution for scanning so many pages: it's fast, gives good quality, automatically feeds pages, and scans both sides of a page during the same pass. With this scanner, the amount of work involved to create the scans is manageable. This solves problem #2.

Of course, this introduces problem #3: paying for shipping and a ScanSnap. Which is where you come in. If I can raise $750 ($500 for the scanner, $250 for shipping the magazines - they're heavy and I'm in Canada), I will start scanning issues past 100. Good deal? I think so, it's only about $25 per person if only 30 people donate (which is less than the number of people who have asked for issues past 100!). So consider this to be the start of the CGW Museum fundraising campaign. Donations can be sent via PayPal to: I'll update the status of fundraising regularly.

Oh, and if instead someone has a ScanSnap S1500 to donate, that'd be OK too!

Questions, comments or suggestions? Please send an e-mail to the Museum

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