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26 June 2005 A Tale Of Fred
"Fred. Not many know that name; you'd have to be a real veteran reader of Computer Gaming World to be familiar with it. Yet Fred and I go back a long way, to the "golden age" of gaming..."

Many thanks to Scorpia for this article, which originally appeared in her webzine a few years ago.
8 May 2005 Where are the updates?
Yes, where are the promised updates? Unfortunately nowhere in sight at the moment, and I apologize for that. I won't even try and set a target date as I would probably miss it - but I can promise that the Museum is still a priority and will not be abandoned.

On another note, we are approaching the impressive mark of 10000 visitors. Thank you for your support and please keep it up!
15 February 2005 A 2005 update
As mentioned before, the pace of updates will be slow for 2005. What that doesn't mean, however, is that there won't be any. This one is a pretty small one, simply to let you know that the Museum is still around. I've also slightly modified the Damon Slye story by adding some pictures - the way it should have been in the first place.

As for when you can expect further updates - I'd have to say that there should be something new and interesting within the next two months. Thanks for your continued support!

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