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5 January 2024 Welcome to 2024
It's 2024! Nothing really new with the Museum during the past year, but quite a few people writing and making use of the existing resources - which was exactly the point of having the site. As always, if you have something CGW-related to share, please write.
6 June 2022 Finding Deceit in the Chambers of Xenobia
This is not CGW news, but it might be an interesting read if you are in the vintage computer games and game collecting hobby. It's a story of fraud and forgery by a well-known member of the vintage computer game collecting community, and the evidence that led to identifying the counterfeit items sent during a trade in which I was directly involved. Read it here:
30 December 2021 Annual update
Well, I've done my CGW Museum annual update for 2021! No new content, but I've upgraded some code, corrected a few errors, and most significantly made the "Galleries" pages a little more graphically pleasing and user friendly. When you click on a year, you will now see thumbnails of the year's issues, which you can click on to get to each issue's page. And from that page, you're now also able to download an issue by clicking on the issue cover.

Happy New Year, and drop us (me) a note if you're reading this...
29 December 2020 GfW now available!
I've been meaning to do this for years, but I finally added the entire (short-lived) run of Games for Windows: The Official Magazine to the Museum. The 17 issues are now available in text searchable .PDF format. Happy holidays!

On another note, we recently passed 1 million CGW Museum visitors since its opening. Cool!
28 June 2020 Still here after 16 years
It's 2020 and we're still here - over 16 years and nearly 1 million visitors after the opening of the CGW Museum. Cool! I wish I had more time for the site, and even more importantly, new content to add. On that topic, if you have anything CGW-related or if you worked for CGW, please e-mail! But otherwise... people still seem to be enjoying the content. It would be nice to do a website refresh, but realistically that's not happening in the near future. If you're reading this, don't hesitate to write and say hello though!

Questions, comments or suggestions? Please send an e-mail to the Museum

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