6 June 2022 Finding Deceit in the Chambers of Xenobia
An unfortunate story of fraud and forgery by a well-known member of the vintage computer game collecting community, and the evidence that led to identifying the counterfeit items sent during a trade.

This is not related to CGW, but it is a story of interest for vintage computer games, and it happened to me.
8 December 2007 The Making of the CGW Archive
Back in October 2006, shortly after the CGW Archive was made public, I gave an interview to GameSetWatch about the creation of the archive. For some reason, that interview was never published, but since I regularly get e-mails with questions about how I scanned the magazines, I thought I would post the interview here.
1 August 2007 Scorpion's Tale
A column by veteran CGW adventure and role-playing editor Scorpia, who shares her reflections on what made CGW so special!
1 August 2004 Dragons, Dreamworlds, and... Diskettes: An Interview With Original CGW Cover Artist Tim Finkas
A special interview with Tim Finkas, the original Art Director, Layout Artist, Photographer, and Illustrator for CGW. Tim discusses his start with the magazine, shares previously never-released pictures and sketches, and explains the techniques and inspirations behind many of his cover illustrations.
9 June 2004 Birth of a Museum
The first Museum column looks at the motivation behind the creation of the Museum, as well as the importance of CGW to the development of computer games.

Includes a Museum update.

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