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8 December 2007 The Making of the CGW Archive
I just added a new column: The Making of the CGW Archive. This is an interview that I gave to GameSetWatch back in October 2006. The interview was never published. However, since I keep getting questions about how the archive was created, I figured it would be a good feature to add to the site. It also includes a lot of background information on how the Museum got started. Enjoy!
30 September 2007 50 000 visitors!
We've just passed the 50 000 visitor mark, three and a half years after the opening of the Museum! Here's to the next 50 000...
1 August 2007 A new column... by Scorpia!
Yes, it's been a few months since the last update, but I'm happy to present a new column... 3 years to the day after the last one! (not that I haven't been busy in the last 3 years - after all, that's when the CGW Archive was created)

This short column was written by none other than Scorpia (thanks Scorpia!). I hope you enjoy her reflections on what made CGW such a special magazine.

By the way, if you've sent me an e-mail requesting a DVD of the CGW Archive, and you haven't gotten a reply from me, please try again. I've had lots of queries about it, and I've replied to each and every one, but I've only had a few responses back. I'm guessing that my e-mails are being blocked by spam filters, so if you don't hear from me, make sure that you check your junk e-mail folder.
21 March 2007 Significant CGW Museum update
I've just completed a fairly significant update to the Museum, lining it up with the intent voiced in the news of 26 November 2006. Here's what's changed and what's new:
  • A new look for the galleries - Since the entirety of the first 100 issues is now available, I figured there was no point in showing tables of contents and back cover scans. Therefore, the galleries now only show a full size front-cover scans. I've updated the pictures, which are now of much better quality than the previous (I put up the images used in the CGW PDFs). Additionally, that means the covers do not have any watermarks!

  • Cover scans for the full run of CGW - Yes, that's right, I've put up the cover scans for every issue of CGW, not just the first 100. Well, just about every issue as of right now, anyhow (see below).

  • Every issue available for download - I thought long and hard about that one, but your requests have convinced me. Since the CGW Archive at FileFront is down and will likely never come back up, I've made available the PDF files for the first 100 CGWs and the 2 CGFs (might take a few days to upload them all). I ask for your cooperation - please be reasonable in your downloads. The CGW Museum is graciously hosted by, which does not have unlimited bandwidth, and the PDF files are large. If you want the whole collection, send me an e-mail and I'll arrange to have a DVD in the mail. Otherwise, enjoy!

  • Descriptions for issues 1-100 - Back in November, I created short blurbs to describe issues 1-100, for the CGW Archive. Since the site is now down, I figured I might as well add those blurbs. I also made some corrections to the issue page counts, which are now accurate for every issue.

  • Various updates - I've updated the 'About' section, and made a few minor changes to other sections. Also, please note that I added spam protection to the e-mail address link - you now have to remove a word. Probably too late, but there's a heck of a lot of spam coming this way.
What's left to be done? Well, there actually aren't any scans for issues 261-268 - I never got around to doing them for Ziff Davis since they had the images already. I also don't have the page counts for issues 101-268 (currently read '0'). Please feel free to submit them if you have them handy.

Otherwise, enjoy the update and I look forward to your comments!
21 January 2007 CGW Archive down?
I've received e-mails over the last few days inquiring about the status of the CGW Archive. As of a few weeks ago, the site is no longer accessible on FileFront. At this point, I'm not sure if Ziff Davis purposely decided to take down the site, and if they are planning to put it back up. I will try and get some information, so stay tuned!

Of course, don't be worried - the CGW issues are safe. And I'm willing to send anyone who requests it a DVD containing all the issues and the master index.

Questions, comments or suggestions? Please send an e-mail to the Museum

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