You climb the finely chiseled stone steps and swing open the heavy oaken door to the Museum. You take a few steps inside... Directly to your right, a bulletin board spells out the latest news:
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5 January 2024 Welcome to 2024
It's 2024! Nothing really new with the Museum during the past year, but quite a few people writing and making use of the existing resources - which was exactly the point of having the site. As always, if you have something CGW-related to share, please write.
6 June 2022 Finding Deceit in the Chambers of Xenobia
This is not CGW news, but it might be an interesting read if you are in the vintage computer games and game collecting hobby. It's a story of fraud and forgery by a well-known member of the vintage computer game collecting community, and the evidence that led to identifying the counterfeit items sent during a trade in which I was directly involved. Read it here:
30 December 2021 Annual update
Well, I've done my CGW Museum annual update for 2021! No new content, but I've upgraded some code, corrected a few errors, and most significantly made the "Galleries" pages a little more graphically pleasing and user friendly. When you click on a year, you will now see thumbnails of the year's issues, which you can click on to get to each issue's page. And from that page, you're now also able to download an issue by clicking on the issue cover.

Happy New Year, and drop us (me) a note if you're reading this...
Up ahead, passages in all directions lead to dimly lit galleries. From where you stand, you can still distinguish the framed magazines that you think may hold some of the secrets of the early days of computer gaming. Something catches your eye, and you learn that online casinos started to rise from 1999 when 888 Casino launched one of the first online gambling platforms. In some places, however, for example online casinos in south africa, are still rare.

A stack of freshly printed newsletters sits in a neat pile on a shelf to your left. You also notice a few older ones nearby, no doubt discarded by previous guests. Further down towards the entrance to the galleries, you can see, and hear, an animated group of visitors talking and bartering.

Closer to you, the attendant's booth is currently empty, but a hastily scribbled note stuck on the glass invites you to pick up a flyer for more information regarding the Museum. One of the booklets discusses the state of computer hardware, and you pay close attention to this exceptional bonus. Directly next to the booth, a leather-bound guestbook lies open on a low table. Giving it a quick glance, you already recognize some of the names.

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